Jumpin’ In

As we took pictures of this toucan next to our home, it began munching on another little bird!

As of this week we’ve hit the two-month mark, and it’s scurried by muy rapido! Our adopted home is at last losing a bit of its foreign feel, and we are settling into a semi-normal routine which includes the distinctions of time at home and time involved in outreach.  Since our last update we have experienced an additional two outreach sessions, one focused a bit closer to home and the other a 9 hour’s drive to the north in the region of Guanacaste.  God has consistently blown us away with His goodness as we have gone out to minister to churches all over the country, giving us consistent testimonies of His great love and power! Some highlights from these last two outreaches:

  • Two women were completely healed of severe eyesight issues, walking away glasses-free.
  • Two young men experienced radical healing in their ankles, leaving them pain free and convinced of God’s personal love for them.
  • A woman with a large lump in her chest was radically healed right before her eyes; she immediately rededicated her life to Jesus along with her entire family.
  • Numerous backs and shoulders were healed, with the pain in every case leaving entirely.
  • Many hearts were set free from bondage; relationships were restored.
  • We saw many come to salvation through Jesus!


Leading worship at a church near Tamarindo.

Leading worship at a church near Tamarindo.

In addition to the amazing outpouring of God’s power and love, we have experienced a strong amount of push-back from the enemy manifesting itself in many ways. However, the consistent struggle has been with the CRSSM vehicles. During every trip to or from our many destinations, we have experienced a host of car issues, completely sidetracking us from our journeys and causing us to spend a great deal of time and money on the repair process.  Obviously the enemy is not happy with the advancement of the Kingdom taking place in this small corner of the world!

Landon and Caleb ministering at a church in Cartagena

Landon and Caleb ministering at a church in Cartagena

It has also become evident over the past four weeks that the Lord is bringing about a shift to our original focus.  Having come to Costa Rica with the intent of hosting outreach teams and launching a school of ministry, it seems that Jesus has other things in mind for CRSSM in 2016.

To date, we have not had any outside teams join us for outreach ministry in spite of a tremendous amount of expressed interest.  As we have been praying over this, the Lord seems to be highlighting a serious need for training and discipleship of Costa Rican pastors and leaders.  In response, we are making efforts towards building relationships with local church leadership in order to serve pastors in whatever way the Lord would direct, most especially in providing training and support for supernatural ministry.  We desire to see Tico pastors empowered to lead their congregations in sustaining a mighty move of God long after we have left their buildings!

"Has anyone seen my can of anti-perspirant?... it's about yea big"

“Has anyone seen my can of anti-perspirant?… it’s about yea big”

As a family we are doing well, but it has been a hard-won victory.  Although our living circumstances do provide challenges, our greatest hurdle seems to be resisting the attack of the enemy to wear us down relationally and spiritually (and, yes, the heat can zap us almost just as quickly!).  We are so grateful for your continued words of life and encouragement, your intercession, and your continued support as we push through to see the Kingdom advance here in Costa Rica!

Enjoying a respite from the heat for a few brief hours in the cool mountains of Panama.


Saludos de Costa Rica!

The view from our home in Pilon, CR

The view from our home in Pilon, CR

This week marks the one month anniversary of calling this vibrant nation our home, and the time has flown quickly.  So much life has been packed into four brief weeks: moving, traveling, settling into a new house; adjusting, stretching, embracing a previously unknown way of life. As a family we have felt such a rich coating of grace through the entire process, and we are incredibly grateful. However, that’s not to say we haven’t experienced a few challenges! Leaving the U.S. presents its share of difficulties, both physically and emotionally, not to mention the adjustments that come with living in an emerging nation such as scorpion stings, sweltering heat and language barriers. As we work to settle in, we are daily reminding ourselves of the Lord’s calling and purpose for our family in this beautiful land, and we are pressing through the challenges to reach the joy of His fulfilled destiny in our lives.


A bit of PODS deja vu as we leave our San Clemente cottage.

We began our journey by moving out of our cottage in San Clemente and packing all of our household goods into a couple of PODS. (The home we were previously renting is going up for sale, but we’ll still need a few possessions when we return, as our plan is to live in the States six months of each year.) We then stuffed 19 bags —  8 suitcases, 4 boxes, two surfboard bags, four backpacks and one dog kennel — to the limit and managed to get everything, including ourselves, aboard a plane traveling to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.  Two days later we arrived at Pilon de Pavones (an 8 hour journey from the capital) and began to set up house.  At that point we had a huge learning curve in discovering how to manage the shopping and traveling in our area, as our remote location is separated from the nearest grocery market by a 30 minute intensely bumpy dirt road… Missionary Training 101!

A brief visit in Panama with our dear friends, the Stavros family.

A brief visit in Panama with our dear friends, the Stavros family.

After a few weeks of setting up house, experiencing memorable shopping adventures and getting into the swing of daily life (which for Tiffany and Landon includes homeschooling), it was time to jump into the real meat… outreach! For months CRSSM has had pastors all over Costa Rica asking us to send teams to their churches to minister to their congregations.  With the arrival of our family and the addition of our Costa Rican teammate and interpreter, Eric Lopez, as well as Steve and Judi Hertzog, the founders of CRSSM, our team of seven excitedly launched our first official outreach of 2016 last weekend.

Tiffany teaching March 9 at a church near Laurel, CR.

Tiffany teaching March 9 at a church near Laurel, CR.

As with many of our outreaches, this current one is focused on connecting with several different churches, pouring out the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit through worship, teaching and ministry.  Although we are few in number, the Holy Spirit has been moving in mighty ways, bringing powerful words of teaching and exhortation, prophetic edification, amazing healing and beautiful freedom to bodies, souls and spirits!  One quick testimony:  a couple had come to the Saturday night service feeling spiritually dry; in fact, the husband had told the Lord that if He was truly able to work in mighty power, He would send someone to speak an encouraging word to him.  The evening nearly passed without anyone approaching him, leaving him discouraged and disappointed; however, at the very end of the service one of our teammates was given a very accurate word of knowledge and prophecy specifically for this couple. They left amazed, thankful to Jesus, and confirmed in the Father’s incredible love for them.  In addition, we have witnessed God completely healing all types of physical ailments (hernias, intestinal pain, arthritis and so much more!) and setting precious hearts free from the lies of the enemy.  God is so good!

Nearly completed dorm for short term outreach

Nearly completed dorm for short term outreach

Also on the ministry front, our dormitory is almost complete and ready to house outreach teams. From the time we arrived in Pilon de Pavones, construction has been going on directly behind our home to complete CRSSM’s first dorm building.  This humble structure will be able to house teams of up to twenty folks, and we are itching to put it to work and host our first ministry group!  The need is great, and our desire is to see many believers who have a heart to release the love of Jesus over the nations to join us and serve the people of Costa Rica.  Check out the website for more information and outreach dates.

We are so very grateful for your love and support.  It is because of your intercession, financial generosity and faithful friendship that we are able to serve the people of Costa Rica, bringing the love of Jesus to a needy nation.  Thank you for your partnership in the work of the Kingdom!

Grace and peace,

The Nesbitts

(Pictured above: enjoying a few hours of cool weather in the mountains of Panama)

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Here we go

“Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of it.”
~Kermit the Frog

We’ve got a mess in the living room. Right here in the middle of the beach cottage, we’ve got a pile of boxes tilting this way and that, splayed all over the small space we call home. It’s controlled chaos of the best possible kind. Lists of to-do’s piled on the kitchen counters, on dresser tops, even in bathrooms. Lists piled up in our heads, chock-full of reminders: don’t-forgets, got-to-remembers, and very-importants. And they just keep growing.

We’re moving out of the country.

Yeah, that’s right. We are doing that thing, that somewhat fearful, often mysterious thing which many of us hear about during missionary week and think, “Crazy!”. Now we’re the ones packing our worldly goods into storage, throwing some stuff into suitcases, and heading for points south. We’ve been called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica.

Somehow, however, when it’s YOU, a bold step of faith into the mission field can lose some of the wow factor.

It feels overwhelming. Unknown. A bit daunting. Kind of scary. And quite exciting.

We’ve always believed in the Great Commission. Those words which our Lord spoke about going to the ends of the earth just before He ascended have been lodged firm in our hearts from the time we were kids. We’ve also had a passion for the nations planted deep from our exposure to our parents’ and grandparents’ lives of faith. From their perspective, and from what they’ve taught their kids and grandkids, it’s just how a Jesus-disciple learns to roll. Going forth.

So from day one, we’ve been a family sold out to the idea of going and sending. We’ve gone out as a family to serve and share the Good News, and we’ve sent our teenaged and young adult kids all around the globe to do the same. We’ve been financial backers, intercessors, letter writers and home-front cheerleaders for many folks we know and love who have taken up the call and gone out to share the message of hope.

All the while, Jesus has taught us how to serve here at home. We’ve plugged in and plugged away, working and learning what it means to love on folks. While Chris has been juggling a full-time business with the joy of worship leading, training, and mentoring young men and dads and husbands, Tiffany has been teaching, blogging, discipling, nurturing. Together, we’ve led groups, taught groups, served on boards for groups and just in general made God’s people the focus of our lives. It’s been a delight. A challenge. It’s been our calling and purpose for the past twenty-six years.

But when we felt the shift – when we sat across the table from Steve and Judi Hertzog and shared visions and watched spiritual fireworks go off – and we knew that a change was coming down the pike, it just made sense. God’s on the move in Costa Rica. People are hungry for His presence, desperate to know Him. In addition, young people who love Jesus all around the globe are being stirred to dive deeper, to be trained to lead and to embrace maturity so that they too can be sent ones. So our creative and imaginative God puts together something we could not have fathomed before this. A school of ministry in Costa Rica. It’s a new thing springing straight from His heart for such a time as this. And we love it.

So now, it’s our turn. A few months back we picked up that Bible that sits next to the bed and scoured it’s well-worn pages for some wisdom on how to walk this out. We talked to folks who know, asking for their wisdom. We fasted and prayed and sought Jesus for how to do this thing right and well. The end result is, we’re stepping out in faith. No safety net, no looking back. And we know that’s the way He wants it.

When the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians, he urged them to be generous. He had lavishly loved them and served them and taught them Jesus. Then he exhorted them to be generous in return. To meet the needs of the saints and to give freely to the laborer because he is worthy of his wages. Paul knew the secret: the Kingdom can never be outdone; God can never be out-given. When we sow generously, we always reap.

In three weeks we’ll close the door to this little house loaded with priceless memories and hand over the key. We’ll hop on that plane and soar into the adventure that’s been planned before the foundation of the world for us, the crazy Nesbitt clan. The truth is, we need the love, prayers, encouragement and support of the saints. We need you to be generous. Because we can’t do this without you.

There’s no way that we could ever express how much each of you means to us. Your friendship has marked us. Whether we are sharing the love of Christ in the steamy wilds of the jungle or serving folks in the grand USA, we are yours in heart and spirit. Thank you for loving us well. We’re so grateful to have you on our side!


Called to Costa Rica

Originally published in Worship Leader Magazine on Oct 14, 2015.

What happens when God asks you to launch an international worship and ministry school in Costa Rica?…

You obey!

The Spirit of God is moving in this Central American nation, stoking the flames of revival and turning hearts towards Himself. We’re watching miraculous events unfold as we invite Him to come and pour out His goodness! He is healing the sick, delivering the oppressed, restoring broken relationships and calling home the prodigals.

We’re convinced now is the time, so we’re taking action. We’re building a worship and ministry school where students aren’t just taught to be revivalists, but every day they are sent out to practice it! They are bringing the Kingdom into public schools, hospitals, jails, churches and the streets, pouring out the love of Jesus in every corner of the nation.

All this is happening right now in the form of ten-day outreach trips, and the next step – ten-week long school sessions – begins in April 2016.

How It All Started

Three years ago the Lord began speaking very clearly to my wife and me about starting a school of worship.

I have to confess that I didn’t receive this word with much enthusiasm; I was confident that the world didn’t really need another worship school. In fact, there were already thousands of effective, fruitful training programs for worship leaders across the globe.

From the time I was 20, I had attended many of these schools myself, including programs led by YWAM, Bob Fitts, Chuck Girard, Calvary Chapel, Vineyard, Bethel and others. Each had value and offered excellent tools, teaching and spiritual depth which helped me to grow as a worship leader.

And there were countless others! – incredible worship schools such as Hillsong, IHOP, Toronto, MorningStar, Christ for the Nations, DLA, New Life, World Revival, Thrive, River, Elevate, Living Light and hundreds more brand-name and independent schools in nearly every state of the US and virtually every nation.

Then there’s also the problem with the vessel. I mean, who’s Chris Nesbitt, anyway, and what business does he have starting a worship school? Seems like the minimum requirement should be at least one CCLI top 10, which means I don’t qualify.

While this sounds completely tongue-in-cheek, and while I fully recognize that the Lord weighs the heart, the practical truth is that we mere humans weigh everything else. Case in point, it was a familiar name that drew me to the worship schools I’ve attended. Why should it be any different for others?

Begging your pardon, Lord, but isn’t this a bit superfluous?

So I responded with a somewhat obligatory, “let your will be done” which was code for: this sounds like a bad idea, and frankly, I’m not that interested.

Nevertheless, the Lord had spoken so clearly that I had to take His instruction seriously. My wife and I entered into a week of intentional prayer and fasting on the matter, concluding with us asking the Lord for a large and obvious confirmation.

About a month later, our church hosted a South African speaker with a very accurate prophetic gift. To our great surprise, she singled my wife and me out in front of our entire church with the words: “You are to start a school of worship.”

The Waiting Game

Most of us understand what it’s like to wait for the Lord to fulfill the words He has spoken. A missionary friend of mine who happens to be joining our team, Jeffrey Simons, put it like this: “God speaks a promise over us, then He grows us into it.” I can relate well, having myself received promises from the Lord which have taken 8, 15, or even 25 years to be fulfilled.

But He is always faithful. If the promise is indeed born of His Spirit, it eventually comes to pass.

In this case, it only took 18 months – a mere blink of an eye in Kingdom time, but just enough delay to get comfortable with the idea that I may not ever have to deal with it. Maybe the Lord had forgotten once He realized that it was just not a priority?

During this time, I met with my pastor and elders and submitted the whole thing to them for direction, accountability, continued confirmation, and the outside chance of passing the buck. They were unanimously supportive and essentially released me to run with it.

Run with what? Where do I start?

It was beginning to feel like everybody knew what I was supposed to do but me.

The suddenly moment arrived on December 18, 2014. I received a call from a stranger – a brother in Christ named Steve Hertzog. He and his wife Judi wanted to meet with us to share a ministry idea, having heard of us by reputation through a mutual friend.

Over lunch, the Hertzogs related that after preparing for 25 years to retire in southwestern Costa Rica, they had heard the call of God and had done an about-face, donating their private land to serve as a campus for a new school of ministry.

It was just the two of them and a vision, and they were believing God to bring ministry partners with a passion for worship and skillsets to match. We then shared what the Lord had spoken to us about a worship school, and Kingdom fireworks ignited as CRSSM began taking shape.

Since then, there’s been no looking back. Ten-day outreach trips launched in 2015 and have been met with unusual favor, as the Hertzogs, led by the Holy Spirit, have set a high standard and rapid pace for loving the lost, taking risks and expecting the supernatural with every step.

The disparity between what I thought God wanted and what He actually wanted is massive. I’ve gone from being fearful and even dreading the idea to being fully in. Truth is, I’ve never been more excited about anything in my life. This is what I was made for.

What is CRSSM?

The Costa Rica Supernatural School of Ministry is an on-location 10-week leadership training program where what you learn today will be put into practice tomorrow. We provide Christian leadership development, ministry equipping, and hands-on mission training for Spirit-filled students from around the globe.

Our mission is to produce passionate Kingdom builders while impacting the region for Christ. We’re committed to the truth that God loves people, gave Himself for them, and has given His Church supernatural power to bring individuals and nations into wholeness. It is our goal to train students to continue in the ministry style of Jesus: to enjoy the presence of God, say what He is saying and do what He is doing. We aim to create a “teach and do” culture where all of our students are expected to take risks to stretch their faith and grow in their understanding of God. The school is designed to equip students to live a supernatural lifestyle, bringing heaven to earth wherever they go.

“Our school’s focus is worship and the presence of God. We are committed to pursuing intimacy, power, passion, and God’s living Word, and experiencing an atmosphere always overflowing with the Holy Spirit.” Steve Hertzog – Founder, CRSSM


The School of Worship is a specific discipline built into the 10-week ministry program. Those students who are skilled and called as worship leaders will receive intentional training in the form of mentoring and discipleship, one of the distinctives of this school. Musicianship is a prerequisite, as our imperative is to mentor the heart of the worship leader and activate their ability to host God’s presence. This is done in practicum, with students receiving real-time guidance while they lead worship in small groups as well as in the larger, all-school worship sessions. As the students progress, they will also have opportunity to participate in the training of worship teams in local churches.

Academic instruction is taught by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, giving the learning experience a living perspective with a five-fold distinction. Students receive lessons from high-profile, international speakers who are anointed not just to teach but also to activate in others the anointing which they carry.

Our students are English-speaking, Spirit-filled believers from around the world. Whatever their God-given calling, they possess in common a hunger for a move of the Holy Spirit and a longing to see God’s Kingdom come to earth. We are a multigenerational school where students of all ages learn to create a culture of honor, serving one another in love. Students must be responsible, teachable and fully committed and submitted to their local church body.

As I mentioned, CRSSM also hosts short-term ministry outreach trips. These 10-day trips are for Spirit-filled believers who are mature in their faith and are operating in their spiritual gifts with boldness and humility, ready in season to bring a word, testimony, song or prophecy as Holy Spirit directs.

“Our time in Costa Rica was wild!! Each time we took a risk, God stepped up and released his Spirit!! It was amazing for our team to get caught up in God’s love for the people of this nation and to see him pour out his faithfulness!” Jamie McLeod – Director, MLSSM


In both the 10-day outreach trips and the 10-week school sessions, outreach emphasis is ministry to local churches, hospitals, schools, prisons and street corners, bringing salvation, healing, deliverance and prophetic ministry as the Lord leads.

Near the border of Panama on the Pacific side, CRSSM is located in the southeastern corner of Pavon Bay between Playa Zancudo and Pavones (a world-renown surf break). The campus is nestled on a hillside approximately one mile from the beach in Pilon de Pavones.

Get Involved

To date, we’re a very lean team, and we’re laying down everything and leaving behind our careers to chase after this call. But it’s not enough. We need your help, and we are asking you to consider getting involved. Our first session begins this coming April. We still have facilities to build and student enrollment to develop, formidable tasks without a marketing department or budget. But God has already opened door after amazing door:

  • He’s brought high-profile, international speakers who’ve heard God’s call and have committed to come and teach.
  • He’s given us increasing favor with a myriad of local churches throughout the region – believers hungry for revival!
  • He’s removed insurmountable obstacles for my family and others who’ve said yes to serve in this ministry.
  • He’s allowed every 10-day outreach team to witness fantastic miracles of healing and deliverance.

And now, He’s brought you!

You are His next miracle in this unfolding story, and we’re ready to celebrate with you as you jump in!

Will you help us?

Spread the word – Tell your pastor, friends, family members and community groups about CRSSM. In addition to our website, you’ll find us on most popular social media sites where you can like us, friend us, tweet us, follow us, plus us, or otherwise grassroots-grow us!

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Join us – Attend our 10-week school or a 10-day outreach. Apply at www.crssm.org/apply .

Donate – CRSSM is building facilities to train and disciple international students and bring workers into the heart of the harvest in Costa Rica. Visit our crowd-funding campaign at www.crssm.org/donate .

Pray – We’re looking to build an alliance of prayer warriors who will covenant with us in intercession. To join the prayer team, send an email to [email protected]

Personal support – God has completely shifted our paradigms as a family, inviting us to be ALL IN. My wife and I are leaving behind our business and careers to chase after this calling wholeheartedly. Will you send us? Visit our personal crowd-funding site at www.youcaring.com/nesbitt .

Costa Rica Supernatural School of Ministry
A call to deeper waters
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Chris Nesbitt is a business owner, worship leader and a writer of songs, many of which have been selected for Worship Leader Magazine’s Song DISCovery. He has taught worship leaders all over the globe and, except for a few years in Franklin TN, has called San Clemente his home for 25 years. He and his wife, Tiffany, have four children and are in the throes of preparations to relocate to Costa Rica as they launch CRSSM, where Chris serves as Director of Operations. Learn more about the Nesbitt family at www.nesbitt.ws .