Summer 2020

San Clemente worship





We found this sign during a prayer walk!





Outreach at Dana Point harbor





Santa Barbara worship


(Above: San Clemente leader Jake Williams prays over beach cities during outreach)


In light of the current world climate, it seems appropriate to open our update with Paul’s choice greeting:


“May abundant grace, mercy, and total well-being from God the Father and the Anointed One, our Lord Jesus, be yours!” (1 Tim. 1:2, TPT)


We praise Jesus for His abundant grace, mercy and total well-being! They are desperately needed in this hour, and we are incredibly grateful for His goodness poured out over the lives of the nation and people whom we love. As we have ridden this roller coaster called COVID19, our prayer has been that each of you would feel the presence of Jesus in your daily experience as never before. We continue to lift you up before the throne, asking the Father to pour out His protection, provision, and wisdom over your lives in a powerful way. How grateful we are for the community of believers around the world!


As with most of you, COVID19 affected us personally in work and ministry in ways which we could have never foreseen. While most of the nation was going into quarantine in late March, Olive House Santa Barbara was shifting from an outreach ministry to a home church gathering, and we continued traveling weekly to Santa Barbara to support and guide this new endeavor. As we did, the Lord spoke very clearly to us, asking us to launch something similar in San Clemente. After innumerable confirmations, we prayed, prepared and launched Olive House San Clemente on May 31, Pentecost Sunday. Within four weeks, a year-old home gathering in Dana Point relaunched as the third home church in the Olive House network. 


In June and July, our Olive House San Clemente gatherings were focused on training up the leadership team which has committed to walk alongside us. Then on August 2, the San Clemente house church officially “opened” — it is now welcoming visitors and focusing on bringing new believers into the Kingdom!  


For a season, we are weekly overseeing both the San Clemente and Santa Barbara gatherings (Sunday morning and evening), as well as helping to launch the Dana Point gathering on Monday evenings. The intent is to raise up leaders who will oversee each microchurch, rather than leading each one ourselves. We’re thrilled to be part of a church environment where each believer brings his/her gifts to minister to Jesus and the Body. 


Our goal is for each of these houses to be outreach oriented, so while we’ve already enjoyed “treasure hunting” together, we’ve spent more time prayer walking our neighborhoods, praying into strategy and breaking down spiritual strongholds. As you’d imagine, these efforts have been met with all types of resistance from the enemy. Please pray for us as we engage in strategic spiritual warfare. 


We recognize that this model of church is not for everyone, and since Olive House churches are non traditional in most regards, we don’t have many examples from which we can learn. We need supernatural grace, wisdom, patience and humility in order to walk this well. 


Meanwhile, all efforts with CRSSM continue to be suspended. With Costa Rica completely closed to visitors since April, our CRSSM ministry events have been canceled or postponed — both our pastoral conferences and outreach trips have been pushed back to 2021; nevertheless, we clearly see the Lord’s hand in the timing, as it has afforded us the opportunity to focus on raising up the Olive House churches. However, Chris is still working behind the scenes on the 2021 pastoral training conference which will likely be held near San Jose. We expect to have at least 250 pastors and ministry leaders from every corner of the country in attendance, and we need your help! Please consider sponsoring the event as we provide accommodations, meals, and resources as a free gift to the pastors who attend. An event donation page has been set up here. You can also help support CRSSM just by shopping at Amazon. To get setup*, click here.


Just as our ministry efforts have increased to a full time level, Chris’ marketplace work with SEO contracts has been wrapping up. We would be grateful for your prayers as we consider the best way forward financially: provision through ministry vs. provision through work. We’re open-handed about this, as we have continually seen the Lord’s hand of blessing, abundance and direction in our lives in multiple ways throughout 2020.


On the home front, our family is doubly expanding! Jarren and Kate are expecting our first granddaughter at the end of October, while Kylie and Eric are expecting our second grandbaby in February 2021. We couldn’t be more thrilled!


For those who are politically motivated (and have a healthy sense of humor!), take a minute to check out The idea for this website was the brainchild of our two sons near the start of quarantine, and Jarren recently worked to develop and launch it. Have fun browsing!


Prayer requests:

  1. Wisdom, fruitfulness and Holy Spirit power for all three home churches: San Clemente, Dana Point and Santa Barbara.
  2. Boldness as we pursue the lost in Santa Barbara and Orange County.
  3. Divine guidance regarding marketplace work vs full-time ministry.
  4. Provision for the next pastoral conference in Costa Rica.


Practical needs:

  1. Someone who has expertise in forming Trusts in California.
  2. A place for us to stay in the Santa Barbara area during our weekend ministry trips.


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Santa Barbara leaders





Dana Point ministry





San Clemente worship





CRSSM pastors conference 2021

Olive House leadership training

Spring 2020

Olive House ministry nights looks like this


Olive House leaders stepping out to edify


Sermon on the mount (El Capitan State Beach)


60 young adults gathering at Olive House


CRSSM ministry team at last year’s conference


The Cozee, from Life Giving Warmth


(Above: leadership training with Olive House ministry team at El Capitan State Beach)


Greetings from San Clemente!

No, we have not yet relocated to Santa Barbara.
(We know that’s the biggest question, so we’ll get that one out of the way!)

Now for the update…


Beginning with Chris’ last day at Heritage on December 31, the past few months have been both exciting and curious. For example, while we’re actively engaged in ministry in Santa Barbara and see the Lord’s favor and blessing there, He has not yet opened a door for a home in that area.


This ministry has recently been named Olive House and was birthed late last year by our daughter Alyssa and her dear friend, Veronica. Since its inception, Alyssa and Veronica have requested that we would cover this fledgling yet thriving ministry — a worship, prayer and ministry night in their home, with an average of 50-75 in attendance. We have been delighted to serve these young adults as they walk out the dream of their hearts: to provide a place for the city to experience the life-changing presence of Jesus through worship, prayer and Holy Spirit-led ministry. And God is showing up in powerful ways! Salvation, physical and emotional healing, deliverance, and encounters with the Father’s heart are just a few of the beautiful things the Holy Spirit has been routinely releasing. In addition to being a part of these evenings, we also recently spent a weekend camping with the 12 leaders, pouring into them and helping to lay a foundation for the way God is moving. It’s a joyous privilege to train and encourage these incredibly passionate believers — one that feels to us more like play than work!


Because a door has not yet opened for a home to move to in Santa Barbara, we have been asking the Lord to provide a place for us to stay on the weekends while we minister there. Lodging is expensive, and our daughter’s tiny 2bed 1bath home can barely accommodate the 6 young women living there, so we’d much appreciate your prayers for a solution to this ongoing need. And if you have ideas or leads, please let us know!


At the same time, the Lord continues to release His unmerited favor on CRSSM. We’re making preparations for our next pastoral training conference to be held in mid-July near San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. We expect to have at least 250 pastors and ministry leaders from every corner of the country in attendance. And we need your help! Please pray for us, for the ministry team and for the Tico pastors. Also, please consider sponsoring the event, as we provide accommodations, meals, and resources to the pastors for no charge (an event donation page has been set up here).


Soon after that conference, we’ll be hosting a short-term missions team at our base in southern Costa Rica. This late-July trip will find us ministering in the streets, schools, hospitals and churches throughout the southern region, just above the Panamanian border. We look forward to championing this team into the boldness and power of the Holy Spirit as they step into new levels of faith and risk for the sake of this beautiful nation!


We’re happy to report that CRSSM is now on Amazon’s list of approved charitable 501(c)(3) organizations, which means you can support CRSSM just by shopping at Amazon! Please consider using this simple, automated tool as a way to effortlessly donate. All you have to do is click here to set it up: More info and helpful tips are listed at the bottom of the page*.


As we consider the current call on our lives in Santa Barbara and Costa Rica, our hearts are continually impressed with this theme: the centrality of fivefold ministry as the foundation for the emerging church. For months, we have been immersing ourselves in this subject to better understand this foundational truth as the Holy Spirit intensifies our passion for the Church. We are persuaded that the “new wineskin” for the Church has much to do with the blueprint for church governance revealed in Ephesians 4, particularly verses 7-14. We’re excited to see how He directs us into greater understanding of this growing passion.


Meanwhile, Chris is working part-time to provide SEO and marketing for a startup that recently launched its first product. Life Giving Warmth is bringing to the market a battery operated heating blanket which Chris has been helping to promote since February 1. We’re so thankful to Jesus for providing the means to fill our income gap and still have time for us to minister as He directs.


As always, we are incredibly grateful for your faithful love and friendship. And in this season of transition, we are especially thankful for your prayers and financial support. We pray that the Father blesses you 100-fold in return!


Prayer requests:

  1. A continued move of Holy Spirit power through the Olive House ministry in Santa Barbara.
  2. A place to stay in the Santa Barbara area during our weekend ministry trips.
  3. Clear direction as we prepare for the July pastoral conference in Costa Rica.
  4. Provision for a media team for the conference.
  5. Funds to make the conference possible through generous sponsors.
  6. Blessing for Chris’ marketing efforts for his new employer.
  7. An increase in our personal support, enabling us to pursue ministry full-time.


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Alyssa & Veronica launched Olive House in Oct 2019


An Olive House leader testifying


Prayer over Olive House leadership team


CRSSM pastoral conference 2019


Amazon Smile & CRSSM


The 1st patented battery powered heating blanket