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Whether it’s one on one mentoring in the US or training pastors at conferences in underdeveloped nations, our call is to build up the body of Christ. 



We’re passionate about strengthening individuals, families and marriages and would be honored to speak at your next men’s, women’s or couples retreat.


Prophetic training, 101 and 102

We’ve had the privilege of teaching these prophetic classes all over the states and throughout Costa Rica, including pastors conferences and ministry schools. These sessions can be taught in any size venue, but our favorite is small (15-50 people). This class gets believers on the same page, Biblically, and demystifies prophecy, making it accessible to everyone and changing the minds of those who have believed this gift may not be for them. 


“All I can say is WOW. This training is in my top 3 teachings I have every heard and personally experienced in my 35+ years of being a Christian. Chris and Tiffany were two gifted teachers blended into a single concise message to our group. They explained what prophesy is and is not, provided amazing examples of how it is used in a practical way and that it is for EVERYONE.” ~Bob Ansari, Men’s Ministry Leader, HCF


Women’s Bible study

Tiffany’s new Bible study, Bless, can be done individually, in small groups or large venues. It was birthed specifically to help women understand and walk in their identities and is particularly geared toward millennials.  This is a turnkey study, complete with workbook, teaching videos and all the needed resources for groups. Additionally, Tiffany can be available to help your church launch the study.


“The Bless study is phenomenal! Our hearts are being stirred up, each one of us in new and different and beautiful and glorious ways. And all of us are just taken with Tiffany’s teaching.” ~Janet Wietbrock, Neighborhood Church.


“The Bless Women’s Bible study was a breath of fresh air for our church! Much more than just a weekly gathering, Bless transformed the way we think about corporate Bible study.” ~Traci Gales, Heritage Christian Fellowship


Worship training

This can be geared toward worship teams / leaders or the church in general. Chris and Tiffany bring teaching and practical guidance to worship teams to help them hone their craft and remain faithful to their call. For congregations, it’s an invitation to move away from consumerism in our approach to worship. 


The worship school for the ministry we co-founded, CRSSM, was awarded “Editor’s Pick” two years in a row, 2015 and 2016, in Worship Leader Magazine’s “Best of the Best” Issue.


Guest speaking

We’d be honor to speak/teach at your church or group.


Worship leading

After leading worship for several decades and in hundreds of churches, Chris has learned to host the presence and would be delighted to share that encounter with your church or event.


About Chris & Tiffany

Born into ministry-minded families, Chris and Tiffany Nesbitt married in 1989 and began a lifelong commitment to servant leadership.


Chris has drawn upon decades of worship leading experience to bring training and mentoring to worship leaders around the world, ministering and teaching in South Africa, Uganda, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the US. As a psalmist, his worship albums have been highly acclaimed in Worship Leader Magazine, (CCM Magazine), and other international publications. With a background in marketing and sales, Chris established and managed an insurance business for 20 years, leaving it behind to launch CRSSM, a ministry training center he and Tiffany cofounded in Southern Costa Rica, where they lived as missionaries in 2016. Chris also serves as pastor of worship at Heritage Christian Fellowship in San Clemente, California.


Tiffany’s emerging call as a writer and speaker can be traced, in part, to her 19 years as a home educator. She is a student of the Word and gifted teacher who is continually drawn upon to mentor and disciple the next generation.  In 2018, Tiffany released Bless, a video and workbook-based women’s Bible study for individuals and groups.




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